Copiers and multifunction printers are almost alike from one another today. There are still stand-alone copiers today, but they are rarely used as devices with several tasks. How can you tell if your business has a copier or multifunction printer? Here’s what you need to know.

Business Copiers vs. Multifunction Printers

It is essential to recognize that a networked copier with multiple features is distinct from a stand-alone copier. A stand-alone advance copier is a machine that you must walk up to use; in other words, you can not submit a file for printing from a laptop. 

Stand-alone copiers are an excellent choice for businesses that create significant volumes of copies every day and are frequently used in law companies and billing companies.

The autonomous copier feature is entirely automatic: it copies records. Networked copiers that perform several functions often print, scan, copy, and fax.

On the other side, a multifunction printer is for multiple purposes. MFPs usually print, scan, copy, fax, file storage and create a printed document in PDF form.

Features are where copiers and multifunction printers differ. Copiers and MFPs have distinct characteristics that are suitable for different applications. Copiers are ideal for intensive use and manufacturing of documents. 

Copiers are often intended to operate slowly with completing functions such as binding and sorting.

Advantages of Using A Copier for Your Business

Using an advance copier can take your business to better places. Photocopiers are highly helpful devices that individuals frequently use during their operating life. 

These computers have developed with technological advances and can now execute a range of tasks except simple copying papers. Color photocopiers are conventional in companies that require color records regularly. 

Here are some of the critical benefits photocopiers give to their customers: 

  • Constant Convenience

A copier rovides a quick and easy way to obtain single or multiple copies of papers. It is effortless to use and demands no technical know-how. The user only needs to supply the paper, activate the machine, and press the key. 

The computer generates the designated amount of copies automatically. The customer can also indicate the duplicate size. Documents can be copied larger or lower than the original text. With this copier at home or in the office, you can also copy records whenever you want.

If you work late in the night when copy services shops are not open, you won’t have to wait for copies the next evening.

  • Cheap and Fast

A photocopier’s primary benefit is to create copies of papers rapidly and cheaply. You can replicate a paper as often as you want.

  • Improves Efficiency

These computers have enhanced many companies ‘ functionality. They develop employee features and effectiveness. Investing in excellent copiers will render your office function fluid and prevent documentation errors in processing.

  • Both Side Printing

This device can duplicate the paper on both ends. The possibility to print a two-sided copy accelerates the printing method. A copier is also cost-effective as it lowers the quantity of document required per copy.


By buying the correct photocopier for your office, you can generate printed records rapidly and effectively while saving time and cash. There is a wide variety of company photocopiers, and it depends on the type of different variables that decide which one is correct for you. Click here to know more about copiers of performance.

The Advantages of Having A Photocopier