10 Streams Which Will Promise You a Great Career in Engineering

The production of Engineers is huge in India. There are lakhs of youngsters stepping out of Engineering colleges every year with different degrees. Is every one getting Job? And the answer is “NO” lot of Engineering graduates end up landing jobs in BPO’s, marketing, finance, digital marketing etc. This is mostly because of lack of skills students failing to adapt the right stream for their career in Engineering.

Even though there are multiple streams in Engineering only some of them have great scope all the time. Choosing a particular stream can be challenging. Just analyze your capability and interest and choose your group carefully which pays you.

The following are the 10 streams which will promise you a great career in Engineering.


Electronic engineering is the branch which will guarantee a promising career in Engineering. This branch has a huge demand and great job opportunities in the market. Scoring 90% in your academics is not enough you to land a Job. To be a fortunate Electrical engineer you have to be creative and innovative in designing and creating advanced the logic circuits.

Now and in Future Electronics Engineering is going to be a great option to choose. You just have to be passionate and creative.


The job role for Software engineers is to write programs for different applicatons this may be for system and application programs as well. To be a Successful software engineer you have to build great knowledge in various computer languages.

To land a good job as a fresher you have to be really great in programming. The present market for IT Employees is good but this is going to be more exiting in the future.


It is perhaps the ancient group of engineering. Civil engineers have the enormous responsibility of creating well-planned cities. To bag a job as Civil Engineer you must hold the degree in civil engineering. You have to gain knowledge regarding designing and architecture as your job is to design new buildings.

The scope is good in civil engineering. The demand for civil engineers is going to be more in future and the reason is urbanization of the country.


The demand for electrical engineers is going to be stable. Electronical engineering is also the old and evergreen branch. As an electrical engineer your responsibilities would be designing, supervising, testing and developing the equipments.


The Nuclear Engineer will be responsible for designing, maintaining and monitoring the power plants and nuclear reactors. For this you need attain a degree in nuclear engineering and you have to be passionate about nuclear physics.

The Employment scope in nuclear engineering is not impressive in the present period. But in future as the energy demand increases in our country the demand for nuclear engineers will also be high.


The job of the petroleum Engineer is tough. You have to be always ready to go to the inhospitable places and perform drilling the harsh areas. You need to have a chemical engineering degree to acquire a job as Petroleum engineer.

Demand for petroleum Engineer good in the present and the demand will increase in future as the developing countries needs more fuel for that we need engineers.

So, If you want to be a Petroleum Engineer, Get ready to make your hands dirty.


In the present days students are not aware of Agricultural Engineering. But this can result in a great career opportunity. To become a Agricultural Engineer you have to hold a degree in Bio-technology and passion towards agriculture.

As a Reason of food security we need a technique to grow more food in less space with less expenditure. For this we need a creative and passionate Engineers. The future is definitely going to be great in future.


Automobile engineering is the new branch similar to Electronics. Apart from degree in automobile engineering you need a great designing and implementing skills.

Present period is just OK for automobile engineering. But, the future is really promising and the reason is global warming. Due to global warming we need fuel efficient Vechicles which will increase opportunities for Automobile Engineers.


Physics and aerodynamics should be your first love if you want to become a Aerospace Engineer. The prime responsibility of the engineer is to design aircraft. This is one of the most exciting career opportunities.

We need a great fighter planes in the defence. Hence the career opportunities are high in private and defense sector as well.


The role of mechanical engineer includes manufacture and testing of various equipments which are used in industrial production. To be a Mechanical Engineer you should have a degree in the respective field.

Mechanical engineering is always a charm in Engineering with great job opportunities.

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