A tax advisor or the income tax aid association can help with a tax return

Certain groups of people can submit a simplified tax return (cover sheet ESt V). However, this does not exempt you from completing the relevant annexes. Only the shortened cover sheet can be used instead of the normal cover sheet.

The following requirements must be met in order to be able to submit a simplified income tax return:

  • The employee only receives wages, unemployment benefits, maternity benefits, parental benefits or other tax-free remuneration.
  • An advertising costs you only want the deductible costs assert.
  • Only pension expenses, pension contributions, church tax and donations should be noted as special expenses.
  • Only travel costs due to disability, the flat-rate amount for the disabled as well as care, illness, health resort and divorce costs can be recognized as extraordinary burdens.
  • Household and garden helpers as well as craftsman services can be specified.
  • Fill in the tax return: business expenses, travel expenses, special expenses and co.

In the tax return, for example, travel expenses, other business expenses and special expenses can be specified, which lead to tax relief. Consider using the online tax services in every way.

What are advertising costs (employee flat-rate)?

Advertising costs are work-related costs. In the form of a lump sum, income- related expenses are taken into account for each employee without having to submit invoices or evidence. The taxable income is automatically reduced by 1,000 euros.

However, if your work-related expenses are higher, you should keep the invoices and enclose them with your tax return. These advertising costs are then taken into account by the tax office. However, you will then not be reimbursed the flat rate and your expenses, but only one of both.

Every employee is entitled to the flat rate for income- related expenses once, even if they do several jobs. If there are no advertising costs at all, the employee still receives the flat rate. The flat rate is already taken into account monthly by the employer. If you exceed the flat rate due to your expenses, e.g. travel expenses, you should deduct the individual costs.

When to file a tax return? If you are above the flat rates, you should concern yourself with your tax

The tax office also recognizes other advertising costs , for example training courses, specialist books or writing materials can be sold. A cell phone or laptop is also taken into account proportionally for private and professional use.


Work materials up to a purchase price of up to 487.90 euros can be completely sold, for more expensive products a useful life must be specified, which will be compensated.