Benefits Of Residential Solar Electricity In New Orleans, LA

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More people are shifting to solar energy since they want to reduce their bills and at the same time help save the environment. There are solar alternatives in New Orleans, LA that can help residences start to shift to solar energy. Learn more about the benefits of residential solar electricity in New Orleans, LA to understand better how it can change your life as a whole. 

What Are The Advantages Of Solar Energy?

There are several advantages of solar energy and here are some of them:

Helps you Save 

Monthly electricity bills are not going down but always going up. Imagine how you can save if you shift to solar energy use. The upfront cost is high but all the savings you can get from reducing your monthly bills is far better than continuing to pay electricity bills that are always skyrocketing. How long does a solar panel last? Solar lasts for 25 years and, according to the studies, you can get your return on investment back in 5 to 7 years of solar energy usage. Once you get your upfront cost back, you can now enjoy your low monthly bill and don’t have to worry if the price will fluctuate. Solar energy is renewable energy, meaning the source is finite. Changes in pricing per kilowatt will not be too high. If there is an increase, it would not be that big. The solar panel cost may be affected by several factors, but still, they can still help you reduce your bills in general. Here are some factors:

  • Your Energy Consumption 

Make sure that you know how much energy you consume since they will base your solar panel system on your energy needs. There are devices and equipment to help you make a more accurate estimate and your solar technician can help you with that. 

  • Financial Option 

There are several ways to purchase your solar panel system. You can pay in cash, which is the best option, or you can lease them. If you pay in cash or methods equal to that, you can get incentives, and you can avoid additional charges. If you can afford one without charges, then you can have bigger savings.

  • Size of Solar Panel 

Cost of solar panels will depend on the number of solar panels needed to power up your home. This can be determined after an area inspection is done. If you can afford to purchase a number of solar panels that can cover your energy usage by 100%, then better. You may have to pay a bigger upfront cost, but the returns will also be bigger. 

Solar Panel Increase Your Home Value

Having a solar panel system installed in your home is considered an upgrade. Just in case you plan to sell your home in the future, you can get an extra amount for your property value. Some properties can earn an additional $15,000 when they sell their home that has a solar panel.  A solar panel is indeed a good investment since it can increase your property value. You don’t have to worry about moving your solar panel with you. Instead, you can just sell it with your house, then buy a new solar panel for your new home. 

Solar Works Well in US

No matter what area in the US, solar energy is good. New Orleans has 5.02 hours of good sunlight in a day. The hours only go down below 5 hours during November to February only. You can also ask the assistance of your solar provider to get the accurate solar details of your area. They can also recommend the set-up of your solar panels, whether they have to face an angel where sunlight is excellent. 


Using solar energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions that produce carbon dioxide, which causes air pollution and harm to the environment. Once you shift to solar, you are contributing to the cleanliness of the air and the environment as a whole. 

With all the benefits of residential solar electricity in New Orleans, you won’t regret getting it, especially if you start to benefit from it. Invest in solar panel installation, and you will enjoy the savings you can have as years pass by.