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Using Pinterest For Your Business

Choose The Best Digital Marketing Plan Sample

Using Pinterest for your Digital Marketing Campaign
In the past few months there has been a huge surge in the amount of people using Pinterest for both business and pleasure, so what is it, and why should you use it as part of your digital marketing campaign?
What is Pinterest and how does it work?
Pinterest is basically a selection of pin boards that you create and ‘pin’ pictures too. You can make a pin board based on anything you like, for example if you love travelling you could create a board featuring pictures of all the places you would like to visit, or if you’re planning a big event such as a wedding or party you could have a board focused on this.
To pin pictures to your boards you can either add the ‘pin it’ button to your browsers toolbar, and then drag this onto any pictures you want to feature on your boards, or use the Pinterest button some websites feature. Another option is to follow other members on Pinterest and re-pin their posts to your boards, but basically whatever you do you can’t go wrong, that is one of the beauties of Pinterest, the fact it is so easy to use.
How to use Pinterest for your business?
Pinterest can help your business in a number of ways, firstly if you sell products you can pin pictures of these onto a board and then encourage others to share these pins. You can also add a link to your website with these pins which will encourage other users to visit your site, thus increasing your traffic. It has been shown that Pinterest is now more relevant for driving traffic to your site than any other social networking site, including the mighty Facebook!!
Every time you pin a post to one of your boards on Pinterest it will include a link to the original source, meaning if your pins are re-pinned often you will achieve lots of lovely links, however don’t get too excited, these links are no-follow so will have no effect in terms of SEO. These links are still valuable though as they allow potential clients to see your products, and visit your pages.
Ensure you link your Pinterest account to both your Twitter and Facebook pages as you can then share your pins to these accounts too, increasing their visibility.
Top tips for marketing your business through Pinterest

If you sell actual products then feature pictures of these on your Pinterest boards, with the help of an app such as Instagram you can make your pictures look unique and interesting, which will cause them to be re-pinned more often and increase your products and ultimately companies visibility.

Don’t worry if you sell services rather than products, you can still promote your business on Pinterest. If you have had a recent team building day you could add pictures of this, or create a board dedicated to your staff members. Get creative with a camera around your office and you will soon have boards filled with pictures.

Create some infographics to add to a Pinterest board, these are becoming more and more popular, and tend to be re-pinned more than pictures.

Ensure everything you add to Pinterest has a link to your website as this will increase traffic, and could generate potential leads. Try to add the link to the page the picture was featured on if this is possible.

If your business has created any videos add these to Pinterest too, as people like videos.

Pinterest is growing rapidly, and will continue to get bigger and bigger, so jump on board now and create your account to start seeing the benefits it can bring to your business.