Choosing the Right ERP System for Your Online Portals

The inside B2B eCommerce solution has proved to be a vital factor for the survival of all wholesale and business during the recent Coronavirus COVID -19 pandemic. This is an integral part of the sales B2B eCommerce solution, product catalog, and online store pages are developed to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to browse and purchase the items they want. In this way, customers can also access the order forms and inquiries made, and place the orders themselves. This also helps to increase the volume of sales as customers can place orders without leaving their homes.

B2B eCommerce Solutions

Apart from this B2B eCommerce solutions also provide some great features such as a secure payment gateway, client-management system, full multi-currency support, private transaction listing, and personalization of orders. The secure payment gateway feature of this solution automatically protects buyer information by using SSL/TLS technology which is a relatively new but highly effective technique for ensuring that private information is kept out of the reach of others. This ensures that only a trusted authority such as a financial institution or a government agency will have access to the personal information about a buyer and therefore helps to protect from hacking, identity theft.

Client-management System

Another essential feature of the online business software solution is the client-management system, which is designed in such a way that customers can maintain and manage their online business accounts from any location. The private transaction management feature of the B2B ecommerce portal is another feature provided by these solutions. In simple terms, this allows customers to easily purchase products or services through a secure payment gateway that will not allow other parties to view the details of the transaction. The private transaction feature also allows the business owner to offer the personalization of products and services. Other features such as customer management, inventory tracking, analytics, and reporting and sales tracking are some of the other great features of this software solution.

Security Features

With so many options available in the market regarding the design of b2b eCommerce portals, it is quite a task for business owners to find suitable B2B portals for their websites. It is a good idea to select a design that looks professional and appealing. Another essential factor to consider while purchasing a B2B eCommerce software is the security features that the portal offers. Most of the leading companies provide a high level of security with their solutions. The security measures ensure that your website is protected against hackers, identity theft, and fraudulent use of credit card numbers by other businesses.

Shopping Carts

It is recommended to go for an interface that has more features than necessary. This will help the users to access the shopping cart seamlessly without any problems. Most of the shopping carts in the market today are integrating advanced features that include but are not limited to multi-shipping, pay-per-click advertising, inventory control, catalog management, order management, and multiple languages and localization support. It is recommended to go for an ERP solution that allows easy updating of information in real-time, which is especially useful for small businesses. Some of the best ERP solutions that offer multi-tier capabilities along with inventory management, order management, and marketing analytics are eBusiness, NetERP, ERPview, Compiere, Prodigy, Business Objects, Business objects, MRP, SLP, and vTuner.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a very vital aspect of online shopping. It is the buyers’ right to keep track of their product’s inventory status at any point in time. Hence, it is recommended to opt for an ERP solution that provides complete inventory tracking along with detailed reports and analytical tools to help the buyers make informed decisions. Some of the best ERP solutions in the market come with inventory control, order management, marketing analytics, and integrated shipping for buyers.