College Music Scholarship Opportunities and Funding Options

College Music Scholarship Opportunities and Funding Options

Funding college can create a lot of anxiety. If you have musical aptitude, consider applying for a college music scholarship award. Though a career in music may seem risky, there are teaching positions that are always available. After finishing college, aside from launching one’s own musical career there are jobs that include private tutoring as well as teaching in a public school or college.

Check with the financial aid offices of the colleges where you apply to see what is available. You can also call the music department secretaries to get information on specific funding opportunities. Don’t forget to see what is around in your local area because there may be foundations that provide scholarship grants to musicians and artists. Many people in local communities appreciate the struggle of artists and musicians and wish to make their education expenses less of a burden.

If you are an opera singer, Bel Canto awards those seeking a career in this field. String magazine offers funding to undergraduate students. You’ll need to have good grades as well as exhibit financial need and have a history of some participation in the local community. The organization Fame is another option for a college scholarship award. A fourth option is the John Lennon program that is given to those who compose music. Yoko Ono established this award through the BMI Foundation in honor of her late husband John.

Often musicians and artists neglect the practical side of life due to their gift of creativity. Paying attention to funding options is an important way to get tuition assistance and worth pursuing.

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