Effects of Jupiter Transit 2018 in Scorpio for Sagittarius Sign

The auspicious planet Jupiter will be moving to Scorpio from the sign Libra on October 11, 2018. Jupiter will be transiting the 12th house from your Moon sign, which is not a comfortable position for this benevolent planet. From here, Jupiter will have an impact on your 4th house, the house of learning and comforts, 6th house, the house of enemies and diseases and 8th house, the house of unexpected gains.

There could be unforeseen circumstances during this period. You should be transparent in your work. You are likely to get into disputes with close associates and they might turn into your enemy. Your health condition may deteriorate and you may find yourself in adverse situations. Your relationship with relatives may become stressful and family members may turn argumentative. You may suffer from mood swings and remain in bad mood.

Business and Career – During this transit, progress in career would be slow. You need to finish all your work cautiously without any delay. Avoid unpleasant arguments and gossips with your colleagues. You may not focus on your business due to disturbing thoughts. Be more productive in your work.

Finance – Financially, expenses would be more than your income. Financial position would not be satisfactory. Be careful to avoid impulsive buying. Most of the expenses would be for your domestic needs. Monitor your family members’ expenses, which may be high. You can recollect pending finance from friends.

Family – Everything would be smooth in your family during this transit. You need to try to improve your changeful nature and control your emotions and temper. Family members may show their impatience on you and you may take it very serious, which may add to your worries.

Education – This Jupiter transit shall favour higher education in foreign land. You may get admitted into your desired institution. You need to give prior importance to your education goals. Your involvement in activities for getting admission is appreciable. You can take your own decision, at the same time; you need to stand for it without any confusion. Avoid duplicity in thoughts and be specific in choosing your line of education.

Love and Marriage – You need be positive and think positive to build a good image in your love and relationship. There are chances for you to get involved in disputes with your partner. You need to be careful in terms of your expressions and opinions, as there are chances for disturbances in your relationship. Proposals for marriage may not take place, and there could be communication issues.

Health – Health wise, you may feel tired due to hectic work during this transit. You may suffer with joint pains. There may be increase of cholesterol due to junk food. Body pain may make you feel dull. Your blood pressure may increase slightly.

Home Remedies

  • Chant the mantra “Om namo vachaspataye namah” 108 times daily
  • Keep water for birds
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