How Much Time Do You Have For a New Career?

The thought of training for a much-desired new career can be overwhelming to most. There are always money issues and time factors. If you have given some thought to branching out into a new field, this breakdown of careers, their annual salary and training time may be able to help make some decisions easier for you.

If you’ve thought about providing office support by becoming a Business Assistant, you can expect to do homework for two years. With just two years of classroom time, you can easily earn an associates degree and an annual income of around $29,000 US. Having hands-on knowledge of common computer programs and applications will definitely be an asset. There are also many online training programs and tutorials that will help you to become familiar with these programs. And, if you are willing to learn on the job, you may be able to get a start as a Receptionist. Receptionists typically earn less than assistants, but many times are required to handle similar tasks and can allow you to gain the experience you need to eventually become a Business Assistant.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, becoming a Management level Business Professional can be achieved in as little as two years of Graduate school. Adding this to obtaining an MBA will assure an average salary of $91,000 US.

If you are a little more of a legal-begal and enjoy this type of environment, upgrading your skills to a Paralegal can prove to be a rewarding route. Earning an associates degree in paralegal studies will take you about two years, however, if you already have an bachelors or associates degree, you can be qualified in as little as six months. On average, these sought after positions offer $46,000 US.

Trading in your current career to be a Financial Analyst can be an exciting career. In about four years you can have a bachelors degree in finance and be well on your way to earning a healthy $73,000 US a year.

There will always be a demand in the medical field so choosing a career in any field such as Medical Assistant or Licensed Practical Nurse will see you in the classroom for one year. Medical Assistants put their expertise to use in medical offices and often earn $39,000 US a year while Practical Nurses work directly under the orders of a doctor or registered nurse by providing patient care. This profession will also see you take home $39,000 a year. Finding a new career path should be an exciting and rewarding venture. Being sure that you have your financing in order and your goals set are the first steps to a satisfying and lucrative future.

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