Leo Horoscope 2011 – Know Your Love, Finance, Career 2011

2011 will be exciting for love, marriage, partnerships, collaboration. There will be financial ups and downs. Thanks to Mars the period from October 17, 2011 to June 7, 2012, will be important and profitable and pleasurable as well. It will help Leos in property, journey, ceremonies and house-moving, immigration and so on. Loyal Leos will be rewarded. But do try to be more patient and less selfish!

The leo love Mystery

Since Leo loves to do things in style, which is usually very attractive to the opposite sex, yours is the sign best suited for love and romance. Leos romances are full of high drama and they play out your role to perfection. The average Leo has much glamour and is the ideal lover in all dimensions – emotional, physical and sexual. The opposite sex is bowled over by their ardent appeal and generosity. The Leo man is full of machismo and is a good companion. Leos are loyal in marriage but tend to be possessive. The Leo woman ought to be careful to see that this tendency does not get exaggerated.they have great personal charm and a glamorously attractive personality. Don’t expect too much from your spouse mate. You hate to be involved in a divorce and the resultant loss of face.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

January: Leos like to stay in control, at least, if not lay down the law. The king of the jungle approach sometimes has to be tempered with open-mindedness, especially in domestic budgets/ issues, family, friends, legacies, loans.

February: Leo’s birth month galvanizes you into hectic activity – in several spheres, and almost all at the same time. Journeys, relationships (both pleasant and not-so pleasant) publicity, meets, conferences, much growth, learning, research. You juggle many activities successfully, thanks to Ganesha!

March: Leo’s always like to call the shots, to be the decision-maker. Issues of privilege, status, power and prestige could surface. A gentler approach will get better results – ventures, enterprises, further communication will happen.

April: A lot of issues/concerns will carry over from last month. There could be some confrontations, face-offs, causing a degree of stress, too. It will be a hectic demanding phase and expensive, too, obviously.

May: Expenses could mount further, but you’re spending largely on group activities and socializing, also wining and dining with loved ones or special persons. Marriage plans, could happen, too. A fair amount of feeling happy, juxtaposed with anxieties about health and/ or other problems.

June: The year ends on a highly positive and pleasing note. Marriage, pleasure, marital happiness, love and money both, to make it an exciting month altogether. Good news and a possible wish fulfillment are the likely icing on the cake. Your troubles will be a thing of the past.

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