The Four F’s – Faith, Family, Fitness & Finance

Most of us will agree to the fact that our Faith is the most important out of the four keys. Then comes our Family…followed by Fitness or your health & then your Finances.

Your Faith is personal to you and I am not going to interfere unless you feel that you need some help.

Most people out there are struggling with the family situation resulting in at least a 50% divorce rate, kids without mentors & emotionally starved & divorced even before it gets to the physical separation. Again I am not a counselor and will not interfere now unless you reach out for help.

The third F….Personal health is one of the most critical aspects to your overall success because if you don’t feel good, it is impossible to do any good. You cannot motivate yourself to get going and procrastination with the enemy called average takes over. You have to learn the basics of health and understand how your body is struggling to maintain. It is crucial for you to know how your body functions & give it all the help it can get to nourish & flourish instead of just survive. You have to find a way to help regenerate new cells and slow the aging process. You have to flush out the toxins accumulated in your body. You have to find a way to get the right nutrition in your body with enough anti-oxidants to help fight the free radicals. Add some energy food to the mix and you are well on your way.

The final F….the captivating but elusive finance. Someone said money is not everything but it’s right up there with oxygen! I just read the headlines yesterday…2 million jobs will be lost just this year alone. It’s about time we reprogrammed ourselves with knowledge instead of just ‘education’. It’s time we educated ourselves out of the system. Long gone are the days of finish school, get a good ‘job’, sign up for the 401K plan, chug along until pension kicks in! Except that 401K’s are now 4K’s, Pensions are down to pittance, retirement is pushed back to another 15/20 years, jobs are as flaky as the debt ridden system we’re a part of….So what’s the good news you ask?
The good news is that the economy is booming in the people based business. Here’s how you do it…

1. Create or Identify a Need in the marketplace
2. Find a convenient solution to that need
3. Make sure that the solution is unique & patented
4. Team up with like minded people to build a network by sharing the idea
5. Let the power of multiplication go to work for you

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