Work Hard-Save Hard

Few people understand the power of hard work plus saving. They do not understand the potential anyone has to achieve financial success and independence from the compounding power of hard work plus maximizing your savings. By incorporating both into your financial plans, you magically compound your ability to achieve financial success!

Many people think hard work, or having a good paying job will make you successful. It does not! It will only make you sore and disgruntled if you never save a portion of your earnings. It will only make your boos wealthier, not yourself, unless you pay yourself out of every paycheck, setting aside little dollar employees, which will work for you, earning you more dollars employees, which will earn you more, which will earn you more and so on until you a substantial net worth and cash flow of your own.

Money earned from work must be saved, and not spent foolishly. If it is spent, than the extra work did not move you closer to success. If the extra money earned from extra work is spent frivolously, then nothing was really accomplished. By saving income, you will be advancing towards financial success. Work is the key to making money, but saving is the key to success.

Working hard will earn you money. Working harder will earn you more money, but it does not matter how hard you work and how much you earn, unless you save at least a portion of it. You may be able to afford new clothes, or get a newer car, or eat at classy restaurants, but you are not getting ahead in relationship to success. “Hard work is the best investment a man can make,” Charles M. Schwab, an American steel manufacturer, stated inspirationally in 1931, who lived on borrowed money the last five years of his life and died broke. Why? Maybe because he didn’t save any of that hard earned money. Hard work needs to be a part of your plan of achieving success. Working hard helps you get ahead; it is a very wise investment of your time, but you need to save hard also. You need to be working hard and saving hard to reach financial success.

In order to save money you need to earn money. The harder you work, the more money you can earn, the more you can save and the more imminent success becomes. It works in that sequence. Scramble it out of order and it leaves you with nothing. Work in itself will not make you a success, but working harder to earn more money, to save more money will. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Working in itself can not possibly make you more successful; it will only earn you money. Working harder and smarter, being frugal with your money, maximizing your savings and investing wisely will generate success, financial stability and contentment.

Saving and work must be brought together for success. Work harder and smarter to earn more money. After more money is earned you will be able to save more money. With more money saved, you will be able to reap the benefits of success through saving much sooner. Invest in yourself to use your time and effort to increase the knowledge you have of your career. Work wholeheartedly and ingeniously to prove to your boss you go the extra mile and deserve the raise. Or foster the idea of creating your own business, or even a side-business to generate an additional income stream. But then continue to save or even increase your savings amount of what you earn! By saving and working smarter and harder, you will be able to reach success!

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