Select, Prepare, Grill, Repeat

Almost everyone who loves beef also loves a good steak. This article shows the selection, preparation, and grilling process I use when I want to cook the perfect steak house ho chi minh. The two best things about steak are protein and fat (marbling). From filet mignon to porterhouse these basic tips enhance any beginners grilling.

The first step is selection. Selection involves discretion when purchasing your steak of choice. For example, when looking for a nice Rib Eye cut of beef you’ll want to make sure it is well-marbled throughout the steak, this is why Rib Eyes are so juicy. By contrast, when looking for a nicely cut New York Strip you’d only want the marbling along the edges of the steak and the tip. Also, make sure the steak has a fine reddish texture and is firm. The highest quality beef is USDA Prime Beef, then USDA … Read More