Amazon Advertising Cost: 5 Tips to save your pocket!

8 Advanced Amazon Ad Tips to Improve Your Sales

Ever since Amazon has entered the advertising market, the sellers and brands are actively switching their base promotion and marketing platform to it. This increased seller interaction has encouraged Amazon to come up with a variety of advertising tools and techniques to support each need and requirement of the seller. However, with this support, overall amazon advertising cost has also increased, resulting in discomfort amongst some brands. To help reduce the amazon advertising cost, you can try to adopt one of the following: 

#1 Focus On The Best Sellers

The first and the most important strategy to reduce your Amazon advertising cost is to overcompensate with the sales in a limited or low price ratio. As a seller, if you actively work on getting the right keyword optimization as well as visibility for your best sellers, your returns from the same can help cover or lower the overall amazon advertising cost for your business. Therefore, when you begin bidding on keywords, focus on the ones that target your audience the best, while justifying your product and its features. 

#2 Choose The Right Ads

Amazon, being the market leader in the retail industry, offers three different types of ads to meet each seller requirement successfully. Now, as a seller, it is your decision to decide between a sponsored product ad, sponsored branded ad and a sponsored display ad. Out of the three advertisements, the sponsored product ads are known to have the highest conversion rates, directly impacting the sales volume of the product. Thus, as a brand or a seller, investing in sponsored product ads is the right way to go, especially if you’re looking for low Amazon advertising cost to begin with. 

#3 Use Amazon Tools

Out of all the tools available on amazon for the sellers today, the best of the lot at present is, the amazon PPC made, the Profit Whales Optimization tool. It is a one-stop solution which automatically controls your bidding, keyword additions and eliminations, and overall enhances your product campaign. This automated tool is very helpful as it effectively increases your product sales without your direct involvement, saving your time and energy simultaneously. Learn more about it to use it more effectively. 

#4 Use Fixed Bid

Currently, Amazon has three types of bids for sellers to use to buy keywords. Out of all these three, anyone who is looking to reduce their Amazon advertising cost should choose the fixed bid option as it ensures that your money is put on the efficient keywords only and ineffective ones are removed. Additionally, with reduced or fixed costing, you can also benefit from profit maximisation as the number of sales for your product will increase with the right keyword usage, all as per your budget. 

#5 Effective Keyword Optimisation

The only way to be a top search and have a higher rank on Amazon search list is to effectively work on keyword optimisation for your products. You can do this with the help of bulk download files as well as search term reports available, by using them as frequently as possible to research and analyse the right keywords for your product, keeping in mind the competitors approach. Moreover, you can also plan and bid on the stronger keywords only, that guarantee increased sales, which can then compensate for the overall profit margin, reducing your amazon advertising cost effectively.

To conclude, amazon is never going out of trend and will soon announce itself as a market leader in advertising. So, adopting and adapting your product and brand marketing as per the tools available on the platform, while maintaining a low amazon advertising cost for your business, is a win-win situation for you altogether.