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Whether you’ve been recently laid off, changing career paths or just starting out looking for a job, here are some tips and tricks to land that interview. 

All of us will be there again, as we have all been there in the past. It’s difficult to talk about yourself in an interview. What should I do? How should I dress? Are there any questions I should prepare for? What can I do to differentiate myself from other applicants? 

Prepare yourself a little ahead of time, and you can get a lot accomplished. You will feel more comfortable during the interview if you spend more time preparing ahead of time. You don’t have to study for hours on end for a job interview: it is not an exam. It is instead important to research the company before the interview. By doing so, you’ll understand what they expect in a new hire, and be ready to discuss your background and why you’re the perfect fit.




Stress can be reduced in job interviews in many ways. You are sure to land the job of your dreams if you follow these tips!

You should know the time and place of the interview, the name and job title of the interviewer, and whether you need to bring anything to the interview. You should also research the company thoroughly before the interview. You will also find it easier to come up with questions during your interview with the employer when you have this background information. Consider how the skills and interests you possess match the essential elements of the job.




Employers typically meet with four to five candidates. Make the most of this opportunity! Make sure you pick out an outfit that looks great in an interview. 

  • Make sure you have a great firm handshake! 
  • Make good eye contact and smile
  • Articulate your skills and experience
  • Be on time to the interview


Before going into the interview, try a mock interview with friends or family. This gives you a chance to prepare and practice for your interview.

It’s also crucial to explain your qualifications to the interviewer. You need to be able to respond to their questions, it is critical to demonstrate your talents and abilities via your responses and to make your qualifications evident to the interviewer. It may seem uneasy to be so forthright about your accomplishments, but now is not the time to be modest!

You should aim to establish a relationship with the interviewer in addition to stating what you know about the organization. Also, you need to know the name of the interviewer and utilize it throughout the interview. If you’re unsure about the name, contact ahead of time and inquire. Also, pay close attention during introductions.





This is one of the biggest impressions you can make after the interview. A follow-up with an email or handwritten note for a “Thank You goes a long way. It also shows your strong interest in the company and position you’ve applied for.




MCDA CCG coaches you as a candidate on how to land your job interview and secure the job you’ve been hoping for. Reach out today for more assistance with your job interviewing needs!


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