The benefits of direct marketing

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Direct marketing has been employed since 1000 B.C. With the introduction of globalization, the internet, and social media, business owners have had a plethora of marketing opportunities to reach a wider audience. But guess what? Direct marketing still holds its place as a tried and tested method in the marketing industry. That’s because it works and it works very well. A 2016 study reported a 43% increase in customer response to direct marketing. 

The benefits of direct marketing

Direct marketing has several benefits for business owners. It may be used as a single marketing strategy or may form part of a company’s broader marketing efforts. 

The key is to formalize a well thought out and planned marketing strategy that will take a business to the doorstep of its potential customers. 


Businesses aim to cut costs wherever possible. Broadcast marketing costs a pretty penny but direct marketing allows smaller and bigger businesses to market on a budget or a fraction of the cost of broadcast marketing. In addition, it is a much more targeted marketing strategy.

Improving loyalty amongst customers

Direct marketing efforts can be personalized to the customer. This builds a connection between the customer and the business. This may include birthday cards, laminated mailer, invites to upcoming sales, etc.

Target the right customer

Conducting research will help the business identify the target audience. Direct marketing efforts can be aimed at this audience and increase the conversion rate to improve sales.

Attract new customers

Personalized marketing efforts aimed at individual clients are much more successful than mass marketing. incorporating effective sourcing techniques and targeting that audience with direct marketing efforts should yield much greater success, as opposed to marketing to a wider audience with the hope of catching a fish or two.


Direct marketing leads to direct feedback. This helps to determine the ROI when determining the success of marketing efforts.